The Embryo – Kindle

The Embryo – Kindle


Jeremy, a seasoned sailor, uncovers a chilling plot involving his wife, lona, whose unique T cells make her the target of a covert research facility in the Dominican Republic led by the enigmatic Huang Dong. Racing against time, Jeremy navigates the treacherous storm Franklin, guided by the expertise of weather maven Casey Perkins.


As danger looms, Jeremy joins forces with Sophie, a mysterious hacker, unraveling a web of conspiracies that tie Huang Dong’s research to the Chinese military. With assistance from Michael, his empathetic lawyer, and spies from CSIS, their mission intensifies as customs officials scrutinize Jeremy’s boat and
armed pursuers close in.

Facing imminent threats, they must outsmart their adversaries and escape through hidden passages. As danger escalates, secrets unfold, revealing unexpected alliances, and Sophie orchestrates a daring rescue mission. Brace yourself for a gripping finale, where high-speed chases, dangerous escapes, and a dramatic cliff-edge confrontation await. The fate of Jeremy, lona, and Sophie hangs in the balance, teetering between peril and possibility.


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