Dr. John Hagen – Unleashing Potential in Laparoscopic Surgery and Education

Dr. John Hagen – Unleashing Potential in Laparoscopic Surgery and Education

There are a few people in medicine whose contributions resonate well beyond the bounds of their operating rooms and lecture halls. Dr. John Hagen is one such individual who has made an apparent influence on laparoscopic surgery and medical education. Dr. Hagen’s contributions to the field have been recognized for his competence in surgical operations and commitment to mentoring future surgeons. He was born on April 7, 1956, in Aklavik, Northwest Territories, Canada, and followed in his parent’s footsteps, who also belonged to the medical profession. Dr. Hagen’s passion for medicine and surgery was developed from an early age, which allowed him to begin a remarkable journey of innovation, accomplishment, and discovery.

Hagen attended the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine, earning his honors in 1979. Later in 1980, he started an international internship in Christchurch, New Zealand, to widen his worldwide healthcare practices. And During his general surgery residency at the University of Toronto, which he completed in 1984, he developed an interest in laparoscopic surgery.

John’s contributions to medicine are beyond his clinical and educational endeavors. He is a published author whose novel “The Sailor” is still captivating the interest of readers. This thought-provoking novel intertwines two parallel tales focused on Dr. Jeremy Young, chief of surgery at a community hospital, and his encounter with the disturbed orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Julian Yacoby. “The Sailor” delves into topics of accountability, responsibility, and the difficult balance between personal and professional lives. As an author, Dr. Hagen dives into the complexities of human behavior and the ramifications of life-altering decisions via the prism of engaging characters and a gripping tale.

Dr. Hagen has received several recognitions for services and contributions in the industry. He was named a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (FRCS(C)) in 1984. Undaunted by convention, he continued his education in endoscopy, enrolling in programs at the Aichi Cancer Centre Hospital in Nagoya, Japan, and the Middlesex Hospital in London, UK, in 1985. These encounters broadened his skill set, allowing him to push the boundaries of surgical creativity.

John Hagen has been working as an essential leader at Humber River Regional Hospital (HRH) for over 37 years, continually pushing the boundaries of laparoscopic surgery. Since 2007, he has served as the Surgical Director of Bariatrics at HRH, where he has made significant contributions to treating obesity through surgical treatments, benefiting the lives of numerous individuals. Dr. Hagen has played an important role in training the next generation of surgeons as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto, passing on his knowledge in laparoscopic and bariatric surgery. His unrivaled teaching and mentoring abilities have earned him both local and worldwide acclaim.

In 2014, he received the Mentor of the Year Award – Region 3 (Ontario and Nunavut) from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. This renowned honor recognizes his significant impact on the professional development of students and fellows. Dr. Hagen stood out among a pool of great nominees due to his dedication to surgical education and his unrelenting commitment to acting as a role model.

John Hagen has led initiatives to foster knowledge and talent exchange with surgeons from different nations. Dr. Hagen and his team of North American specialists organize and lead repeated trips to China, visiting hospitals around the country to give interactive lecture sessions, with a particular focus on teaching laparoscopic colon resections and cholecystectomies. This exchange program also permits Chinese surgeons to visit Humber River for a hands-on learning and collaborative experience. Dr. Hagen has also participated in medical missions to Guatemala with HELPS International, where he and his team provided surgical services to individuals in need.

Dr. John Hagen’s path has been one of unwavering dedication, unshakable commitment, and an enormous effect. He has forever reshaped the medical landscape, from his pioneering advances in laparoscopic surgery to his transforming mentorship. He stands as a beacon of brilliance in the medical community, creating an enduring legacy of healing, education, and compassion as he pushes the boundaries of surgical innovation and inspires the next generation.

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